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Great Girlish Enthusiasm

Wow, here’s a real cutie for us! Taissa Shanti from the Russian Federation is a treat both for the eyes and loins. Still in her blue t-shirt and denim miniskirt, the pretty brunette kneels with great enthusiasm at the cock of lucky Balu. She not only gives his big dick a deepthroat blowjob, but she’s presenting her sexy bottom toward us and flashing us inviting expressions with her girlish eyes. We feel like we’re really part of the scene! Soon her clothes come off, except for her blue ballet flats (nice touch!) and she’s moving her talented tongue all over Balu’s shaft, and even giving him the opportunity to taste her bare snatch as well. You’ll fall in love, not just lust, with this sweetie as she coaxes out a huge facial cumshot while sitting on Balu’s face--even as an antique statue of what looks like the head of the freedom-loving French philosopher Voltaire smiles from the window sill, as if approving all the sticky proceedings!