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Freaky Furniture

In today’s roleplay, beautiful, intelligent, and strong-looking Sophie Lynx is the prisoner of an unseen personage who has diabolically used an old iron bed frame to create a very constricting bondage cage. Strapped by her wrists and ankles to the frame, which encloses and holds her naked body securely, Sophie’s mouth and shaved pussy are probed by a black dildo on a stick until she drools on herself; and then the frame is turned around for access to her nude bottom, which is spanked with a strap. One side of the frame is then taken off and the device is adjusted so that it’s like a bed on which she can lay naked and bound either on her back or stomach. From the weight of her body, the metal wires of the frame dig into her flesh and leave impressions. The black dildo on a stick returns to probe her asshole, and then Sophie is turned over and, her bladder full from her time in captivity, has no choice but to pee into the air and all over herself as this fetish XXX video of extreme sex and pissing comes to a close.