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How Will You Love Me

The scene opens with Gina savouring her more mature partner's form, stroking her legs intensely focused on the sensual pleasures she is about to enjoy. Gina looks fantastic in tight jeans, they accentuate her tight-as-a-drum-skin bum and they help display her youthful, naturally athletic physique as she rides on top, grinding on Joanne. Gina clearly has her own little fetishes when it comes to foreplay and one is clearly licking her partners, clearly she likes to let herself go. There is lots of very heated kissing, tongues are going wild exploring mouths and lips before Gina goes down on Joanne's pussy with the same intensity, lapping at it like a thirsty puppy dog, before sliding fingers in and not holding back until Joanne climaxes. Joanne pleasures Gina in a very hot 69, pulling and groping at her pert bum, enjoying it in her face.