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Lexi Dona massage and anal. A Brand New Way

Lexi Dona's partner surprises her with a massage. He starts with her shoulders and gently moves down. The electricity makes Lexi wet as he moves further to her breasts. As soon as the bra comes out she feels she can't resist and bites her lips. She is on her back and full of heat as the lotion drips on her body. She feels she can't take it anymore and grabs his cock. She starts sucking his cock and plays with her tongue, hungry for pleasure. There is no more time to play, she feels on fire and wants that cock inside her pussy. Gets on top and rides him like a bad and nasty cowgirl. His cock fills her pussy as he gets deep inside her. But Lexi wants more, and slams his cock in her ass. She feels so tight and wet you can almost feel yourself inside her. Her partner gets behind Lexi and takes her from behind. Lexi enjoys anal sex and moans with pleasure. She makes him feel so good , her pussy is so hot he can almost burst. As he takes it out and cums all over her pussy, she can feel the cum dripping on her body. Lexi feels a ground-shaking wave of pleasure and rubs that cum allover her pussy. She wants more, can you help her reach another orgasm?