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The Teen and the Old Cook

It is a new experience for her, trying out adult for the first time, teen Brittney Babe is helping the old cook to peel some potatoes. After a small talk between the fleshy young babe and this clumsy old man she switches to some more interesting things like seducing the old man and give him a good fuck right there in his kingdom, the kitchen! They slowly and almost shameful start kissing and licking each other mouths and tongues and then undress to get kinkier. With circular motions she licks his hairy nipples and teases the old man then she wants to show him what a good young girl she is and gives him a newbie blowjob. She also needs some attention so the old cook spoils her nipples licking and sucking them, then puts her on the table to missionary fuck her young pussy. In and out, the tattooed old cock penetrates her fresh vagina making her smile and moan of pleasure. Sitting on top she is riding him hard and deep until she gets too exhausted to continue but she likes the pressure so she sticks the old cock deeper, bringing her to near orgasm. They forgot about the food or the hunger as fucking is more interesting and the only hunger they feel is for reaching the climax. With a bit of semen around her mouth she cannot stop rubbing and sucking his kinky dong until she hears him howl and scream of pleasure while his creamy juice spouts out and floods her still fledgling and yet inexperienced mouth. Both satisfied smile to each other and we have another old and young sex adventure to enjoy.