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They Take His Sauce!

Women have been taught since time immemorial that the way to a manís heart is through his stomach, and to effect this, it is important for young ladies to be masterful in the kitchen. But the newer generation of female, as exemplified by Avril Sun (in the purple striped top) and Anita Berlusconi, clearly know that serving up a good piece of poultry is not enough, especially with a man like Rico Simons, whose massive endowment of penis has a reputation that puts all women in fierce competition for his attentions. Itís not surprising at all that Avril and Anita would team up to take on Mr. Simons, quickly moving from their roasted chicken to his raw cockmeat, as they get on their knees and take his huge girth in their faces, sucking and stroking him even as he tries to reciprocate by licking their nipples and lapping at their pies. Thanks to the skilled photography of DDF Productions, youíll feel that Ricoís rod is YOURS, and that these two pretty females are at the beck and call of YOUR sausage as they lick those balls and throat that shaft. When they double up to blow him and vacuum his nuts at the same time, you wonít be able to resist the urge to shoot! But donít worry, the girls will always be here when youíre ready for more, showing you how they handle and satisfy a big boner and pull its sauce all over their tongues and titties!