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The Hill Climb

Alexa called me not too long ago and told me she wanted to become a stripper. Well Im an expert when it comes to getting girls ready for the pole so I told her Id train her free of charge because I just want to see my girls succeed. I had her hike up a hill to my drive way and then I stretched her out and got her loose. You should see this girls tits, fucking amazing! I deduced that her hamstrings were a bit tight and I massaged her tight toned legs. My mind started wondering and I slipped her shorts down. Her pussy was 3 inches away from my face and I just sank my face between her cheeks and eat that snatch. She moaned louder and louder and bent her over and started attacking her pussy. I didnt even realize we were still outside my place in the drive way. I took her to the back and she rode my cock like a good stripper. Shes a great student